Signature Program

The Signature Program is a comprehensive leadership model for developing and expanding your personal capacity to live authentically as the “real you” and to lead by being your best self.

Frequently, leaders ask us, “Do I have to look and be like every other leader to be effective? Can I succeed and still be myself?”

This program helps you answer these questions. Becky Gorman has teamed up with branding expert Vicki Strahan to help you uncover and perfect the authentic person you are internally, so that you can most effectively project yourself externally.

Vicki’s role is to define for the team and/or the individual what a strong, consistent personal presence is and why it’s important. She focuses on how to develop and incorporate these attributes into your professional and personal presentation. This process aligns the external vision of what’s internal to you. That’s your personal brand.

Becky works with you to unveil your unique core nature. Your strengths, skills, and attributes make up your “signature” leadership portrait. She also helps you uncover your potential blind spots and challenges. All of these tools help you strengthen your natural leadership style.

Just as your handwritten signature reflects your personality and style, so does everything else about you.

The Signature program helps you develop clear, concrete tools to lead in your most effective, professional, and authentic manner.