Mindfulness and Wellbeing: The Mature Woman

An Innovative Woman’s Health & Wellness Course for Mid-life Transition

Offered by Women’s Health Specialists, University of Minnesota

The four-week course is designed to help inform and guide participants in understanding the physical and psychological changes throughout the mid-life transitions and beyond. The program is a resilience model developed through the work of a health coach facilitator, nurse practitioner, physician, psychologist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, massage therapist, and Reiki therapist to improve self-care and optimal health.

Any woman who wants to gain a better understanding and management of midlife transitions, plan for a healthy future, and maintain vibrancy and joy can benefit from the course:

  • Learn integrative self care practices and lifestyle skills for managing common health challenges in midlife in a supportive small group setting
  • Explore conventional and alternative health care therapies
  • Gain a renewed understanding of anatomical and physiologic changes
  • Create a sustainable healthy and resilient lifestyle
  • Topics: menopause treatment, bone health, nutrition, body change, insomnia, sexuality, stress reduction, redefining self and relationship role.

Classes will have weekly interactive discussions and may include any of the following guest presenters from Women’s Health Specialists Clinic:

  • Carrie Terrell MD, ObGyn: Your Body, Your Questions
  • Carolyn Torkelson MD: Integrative Approaches to Menopause.
  • Diana Drake DNP WHNP:  Cultivating a Restorative Practice
  • Cathy Bogolub MD, Integrative Nutritionist: Food as Medicine
  • Dona McGlennen, Traditional Chinese medicine: Acupuncture & Energy
  • Maria Sigurdson, MA: Reiki Therapist: Tools for Self Care
  • Karin Larsen PhD, Psychology: Exploring & Redefining Self during Life Change
  • Laura Stevens Randall: Massage Therapy and Self-Care

*Series facilitated by Becky Gorman, PA, Health Coach

For more information contact Becky at 612-998-8213 or by email at becgorman@hotmail.com