What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a personality system that consists of 9 basic personality types. It’s used worldwide as a tool for increasing self-understanding for personal and professional growth. It’s a universal model to help people connect worldwide. It offers:

  • Unique perspectives to understand yourself and others
  • A way to help move beyond existing limitations
  • Insights to bring out your uniqueness + your commonality with others.
  • Endless personal and professional applications

What do I learn?

The Enneagram model helps us to understand our conscious and unconscious motivations, behaviors, blind spots, defensive styles, gifts and strengths, and the complex ways these interrelate. It also allows us to better understand and relate to the nine different viewpoints.

How do I use it in everyday life?

Determining our personality type is a starting point for better understanding the dynamics of our relationships and how to improve them in our personal and professional lives.

The Enneagram offers new Approaches, Solutions, and Actions for everyday life:

  • Understanding & Insight : Understand ourselves and others more fully and deeply.
  • Freedom : Dismantle the crazy, tiny box we put ourselves (and others) into and expand beyond it.
  • Creativity : Free up our natural creative style and bring it into the open.
  • Expansion : Expands our focus and broaden who we are and what we see in others. Shows us constructive ways out of our narrow band of self-expression.
  • Awareness : Recognize behaviors and motivations that help us and those that hurt or inhibit us.
  • Potential : Move beyond the small view we have of ourselves into our potential.
  • Real : Let people experience us at our best. Nothing impacts people more than the “real you.”
  • Communication : Create opportunities to communicate with greater awareness, more useful/healthier interpersonal dynamics, and greater collaboration