Becky, you have a unique way and special gift of illuminating things for people to help them get unstuck, see the way, and move forward very effectively. You’re a lighthouse and a way finder.” —SS, Retired VP, Fortune 500 Company
“I was on a team that Becky worked with. For me, it was life changing. I know that sounds ‘over the top,’ but it’s true. It’s helped me tremendously both at work and in my personal life.” —CL, Team Member
Becky helped turn our team around from one that didn’t work together at all well to one that other teams began asking, ‘What are they doing!? They work so well together now.’” —SS, Sr. Team Manager
“Becky helped our team work more cohesively, efficiently, and tap the best of each other by helping us increase our self-awareness. It made all the difference. I always have Becky work with all of my teams as I advance in my career. Nothing compares!” —CW, Director
“Working with Becky individually, helped me turn around the ways I was not effective in my approach to influencing and working well with my colleagues. I was able to turn that around and move ahead in my career.” —AM, Sr. Leader