Tools for Sleep, Nutrition and Balance

Endorsed by Women’s Health Specialists, University of Minnesota

Each class has a weekly interactive discussion with Women’s Health Specialist’s guest presenters and a health coach facilitator:

  • Carol Stephens, PsyD, LP, Cert. in Behavioral Sleep Medicine: “WOMENZZZSLEEP”
  • Cathy Bogolub MD, Integrative Nutritionist: “FOOD & SLEEP”
  • Laura Stevens Randall, Massage Therapist: “DISCOVERING NEW BALANCE”

SLEEP – It’s super important! “My sleep is terrible!” Our #1 challenge! It affects every area of our wellbeing. Time to figure it out. We’re in luck! We have Drs. Cathy Bogolub and Carol Stephens to the rescue with some practical, useful strategies we can go home with … and start tonight!

FOOD & SLEEP and WOMENZZZSLEEP: “An Integrated Approach to Women’s Sleep Challenges”

Evidence-based information about the psychology and biology of women’s sleep problems — sleep enhancing strategies for managing your body & mind, and improving the quality of your sleep.

DISCOVERING NEW BALANCE: “Personal Self-care Practices, Movements, and Massage”

Learn self-care practices based on Qigong exercises and massage techniques. Practice simple and intentional movements to stimulate the body’s energy. Try the exercises and then learn how simple it is to do at home! We’ll focus on the physiological changes typical for women during life’s transitions.

*Series facilitated by Becky Gorman, PA, Health Coach

For more information contact Becky at 612-998-8213 or by email at