Enneagram Communication Skills

Becoming a More Skilled Communicator in Your Personal and Professional Lives

Facilitated by Becky Gorman and Curt Micka

The Enneagram and how it relates to communication is one of the most useful applications of the Enneagram system. Finding effective ways to communicate with fellow human beings is a skill that will help you reach your interpersonal and professional goals more effectively—and it will decrease your stress, increase your connection with those most important to you, and help create situations of mutual understanding and respect.

This course will explore topics such as:

  • Your Enneagram type-based communication style, body language, blind spots and distorting filters.
  • Your type-based communication “stoppers.”
  • How you can give and receive feedback more effectively and constructively.
  • How curiosity relates to effective communication.
  • How conflict theory teaches us what works and doesn’t work when engaged in “difficult” conversations.

The Facilitators

Curt Micka is a certified Enneagram teacher and trainer and a member of the Board of the International Enneagram Association (IEA). Curt uses the Enneagram in his work as a coach, mediator, and organizational consultant.

Becky Gorman is a Leadership Coach & Consultant, working with organizations, businesses, and medical institutions supporting leadership and team development. She’s a professional member of the International Enneagram Association (IEA).

Opportunities for on-going group coaching calls will be made available.

For more information, contact Becky Gorman.