Enneagram Café

Come early. Grab a beverage at the Coffee Gallery. Then, get ready for new insights and a stimulating morning like none you’ve ever had before.

Would you like to improve your relationships? Feel more “in tune” with who you are? Then we invite you to come to Becky’s Enneagram Café™. During our sessions, we will identify your Enneagram type, learn how it impacts nearly everything you do and help you find ways to harness the strength of your type. The Enneagram is used around the world and is a tool proven to improve lives. Space is limited; register soon.

Here’s What We’ll Cover

First Week: Your 3 Centers of Intelligence: Head, Heart, Body

Second Week: How the 9 Enneagram Styles Function and Impact You

Third Week: Bringing the Enneagram Alive in Your Day-to-Day Life

Fourth Week: How to Optimize Self Care Based on Your Enneagram Type

Our 3-hour café sessions also include:

  • Self-care for your type for the fall months—ideas you can implement right away
  • Exercises, role plays and small group conversations
  • Optional 15-minute Qigong relaxation sessions + breaks with free refreshments
  • Instruction in acupressure techniques that can benefit you and your Enneagram type

Final session includes “Guess the Enneagram Type” game with prizes and giveaways

Special Offer: Dealing with a challenging co-worker or family member? Send Becky a confidential description of the person/situation (one page maximum; no names or identifying information, please), prior to our first session. Based on your Enneagram type, Becky will coach you in class on techniques you can use to help improve that relationship. Available to first 3 (three) students who register.

Becky Gorman, Illuminator®: Becky is a Professional Member of the International Enneagram Association (IEA) and has given workshops at the annual IEA Conference. She has also led Enneagram workshops throughout the U.S. and abroad—to individuals looking to make significant improvements in their lives to teams at Fortune 500 companies. Learn more at www.beckygorman.com.

Tuition Reimbursement: You may be eligible for tuition reimbursement from your employer. Let us know if you need a signed Certificate of Completion.